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Supporting the students of today, protecting the environment of tomorrow.

Posted on April 19 2016

If you already use doodle’s exercise book 2.0, you probably already know that they're pretty cool. They support students and teachers in marking and feedback, they make revision a walk in the park and they look pretty swish compared to your average school book. Teachers love them, students love them. Marvellous stuff.


What you don’t know is the full extent of their coolness. Doodle’s 2.0 project is now entirely carbon balanced. From beginning to end, from print to delivery, our exercise books leave zero carbon footprint on this here beautiful globe! 

Any C02 emissions made in the production of doodle's books are offset by the amazing work of the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity, protecting thousands of acres of threatened forests and natural habitats around the world. Our partners work directly with this organisation to ensure the production of the 2.0 books is socially responsible and ecologically sound.

Project 2.0’s C02 emissions are offset in Khe Nuoc Trong, Vietnam. This forest is rich in highly endangered plants and animals including at least four critically threatened species. The World Land Trust and Viet Nature work in partnership to plant, grow and protect the area from the effects of de-forrestation. 

Have a wee look at these short videos on the World Land Trust’s website (or show them to your 2.0 class!).

So every time you buy a box of doodle’s exercise book 2.0, not only do you avoid leaving any carbon footprint on the environment, you also contribute to the continual protection of vital forest areas around the world! 

Look out for the little carbon balanced paper logo coming soon to exercise book 2.0’s pages and feel just as proud as we do! 

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