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Wensum School Values

Posted on August 18 2016

We're super lucky to work with a number of schools over and over again. And one such school is Wensum Junior School. Last year we worked with their deputy head to create a school values poster and we're super happy they came back to us this year to help communicate their school vision.

Here's what they had to say about working with us : )

Last year we commissioned Dan and the team to design the artwork for our values statement.  The beautiful design work perfectly complemented our words creating a wonderfully original image that communicated the powerful message to children, staff and families with ease.  Prominently displayed around school the posters have had an immediate and profound effect on our work enabling us to put our values at the heart of what we say and do.   We were so impressed with the impact (and quality) of the work that we commissioned Dan again, this time to design our vision statement.  The posters arrived today and we can’t wait to put them to work! Thank you, doodle!


Peter Hubery

Deputy Head teacher
Wensum Junior School


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