Jot (Planner)
Jot (Planner)Jot (Planner)Jot (Planner)Jot (Planner)Jot (Planner)Jot (Planner)Jot (Planner)Jot (Planner)

Jot comes in packs of 40 and cost 60p each (£24.00) 

With 78 pages in every book there is enough to get students through a full term.

jot is doodle’s termly answer to chunky student planners. It’s big enough to track your goals, small enough to pop in your blazer pocket and cool enough that you’ll actually want to use it!


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Carbon balanced 

This product helps us to save critically threatened tropical rainforests!

  • Poster sizes

And now for all the practical stuff…We print our posters on either a1 or a2 paper. A1 is pretty big at 594x841mm. A2 is half that size. We have found a1 to be the perfect size for classrooms. It’s lovely big size means everyone can see it, even the cool kids sat right at the back.

  • Quality

Our posters are printed on chunky (230gsm) matte poster paper. We aren’t fans of the glossy stuff. Matte paper means no glare from lights or windows. We also use a little extra UV resistant ink to make sure the posters are super bright and vibrant.

  • Delivery

We ship all of our products with Royal Mail or parcel force for next day delivery. We also ship posters, postcards and to-do pads internationally for a set fee of £7.95 (International shipping)

  •  Frames

Display your new doodle posters with pride with our doodle snap frames. Available in a1 and a2 which fit our posters perfectly. The frames are made from a high quality aluminium which is great for busy corridors! Learn more.