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the doodle story

Long, long ago (around 9 years), a man named Dan from the
North East of England noticed that resources around the school he worked
at were poor and uninspiring. Students drew on them, tore them down
and worst of all, ignored them. 

From that moment on, Dan made it his mission to improve the quality
of school resources. He set up a company named Design Thinking which would
strive to make classrooms more exciting and engaging spaces. 
These days Dan has a studio and a beard, and Design Thinking has
grown and evolved into his new company, doodle. 

Doodle’s mission is to support schools around the world to
become interesting, engaging, positive and compassionate
places of learning through quality design and meaningful resources. 

The devoted doodle team knows that no one knows students
better than their teachers, so doodle collaborates directly with
teaching staff to reflect their outstanding ideas and practice. 

Doodle promises to always share best practice, develop new and accessible
educational tools and resources, and to never put profit above a happy classroom. 

Hi. We're doodle. In a previous life we were known as Design Thinking. Welcome to our brand shiny new internet house!

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