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exercise book 2.0

1 box red (60 books)
1 box yellow (60 books)
1 box blue (60 books)
1 box green (60 books)
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The original exercise book 2.0. We love it so much we gave it four colour options! Choose from vibrant blue, red, green, or yellow. This book has dedicated spelling tips and lined pages throughout, making it super versatile across the curriculum.

Our Exercise book 2.0 was created to solve the problem of messy and illegible feedback in regular exercise books. No one wants to have to decipher scrawl in the margin. Designated boxes along the bottom of every page in exercise book 2.0 offer space for students to collect key facts, reflect on their work and for teachers to write clear and meaningful feedback. 
Since it’s creation in 2012, exercise book 2.0 has become the exercise book of choice for hundreds of schools around the country. Hurray!

Please note that we currently only post sample books out to UK school addresses due to our limited number of samples.

How much do they cost?

A box of 60 costs £30 (+delivery)

What are the delivery costs?

For 1 or 2 boxes, delivery costs £10 per box.

For 3 to 12 boxes, delivery costs £5 per box.

For 13 to 40 boxes, there is a flat rate of £65 as your boxes will come on a pallet.

While these are the best prices we can find, if you can find cheaper delivery, please feel free to arrange alternative shipping!

What colours are available?
Currently, we offer red, blue, green, and yellow. 

How do I order exercise book 2.0?

You can either order directly here on the website and pay via card or school purchase order. Or you can drop us an email at

Any queries, please get in touch!

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