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Jot - sample

Introducing Jot.

Student planning, doodled. 


Jot is doodle’s termly answer to chunky student planners. It’s big enough to track your goals, small enough to pop in your blazer pocket and cool enough that you’ll actually want to use it! 

Jot encourages students to set, strive for and achieve targets from page one, with space dedicated to helping them fulfil their potential each and every term.

We think it’s super important for students to write (and draw!) their ideas, interests, thoughts, inspirations and other exciting things that could spark further learning.

Students write the date themselves, so there are no more wasted pages for holidays, insets and sick days! This also allows students to use multiple pages on extra busy days.

We believe wellbeing is most important! Jot encourages students to think about their feelings and mental health.

Big dot matrix pages helps students to lay out written information and allows for tables and drawings too!

Giant full day pages allow students and teachers loads of space for learning, notes and reminders.

Jot encourages daily reflection with what went well and even better if boxes. Reminder boxes help students stay super organised and efficient.

Doodle’s Jot is 100% carbon balanced and 100% cool. 


(Jot size: 210mm by 130mm, 68 full day pages)

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