learning log

Our new digital learning log is designed to support everyone working from home. Start each new week with our 'reflect and plan' page. Look back over your work, learning, mood, experience and health. How can you plan to make next week better?

Take it one day at a time with your daily learning sheets. What's your main goal for today? Stick it at the top of your personal to-do list! Also don't forget to reflect and be thankful for the experiences and small wins you achieve everyday!

Every daily page comes with a notes section for you to jot down ideas to help you journal your day, a great way to visualise your thinking!

Found a brilliant new resource for learning? Don't lose it. Just copy and paste!

Had a great idea or need to share something with your friends and colleagues? Jot it down in the 'things to remember' box. 

It's the weekend! It's time to sit back and reflect on your week. What did you achieve this week? How did you feel? There is also a grid space to help you track your favourite bitesize learning keywords and facts. Together with a 'people to thank' section to remind you to reach out and show appreciation for the support you receive everyday!

Harness the power of good habits with our habit stack bonus sheet. Start with an existing habit then build on it to create a brilliant new positive habit!

You're 42% more likely to stick to a task of habit if you plan for it. With this easy-peasy three step plan you simply set a task/time/location. It's a great way to break your day down into more manageable and habitable chunks!