"doodle helped us showcase our school ready for an ofsted inspection"

"students really love their new bespoke books and worksheets!"

"this is exactly what we needed!"

"the creativity and quality is brilliant"

High-class learning resources for educators everywhere

Before the learning market: creating, sharing and selling resources was a chore. 

After the learning market: your resources are lovingly created by a team of professional learning designers ready to be shared or sold on your very own learning market stall.

How it works?


Upload your original idea for a new learning resource as a text document.


doodle designers will work their magic and send you a proof of the new design. 


Download your new design from the marketplace ready to be used in the classroom.

Share or Sell

Share or sell your new resource via your fully managed market stall.

Why join the doodle learning market?

Experts in learning design

We save teachers around the world hours of work by creating visual resources that have a real impact on learning wherever it may happen.

Free premium downloads

As a member of the doodle marketplace you get all premium downloads for free! We believe it's a great way of sharing best practice between our favourite teachers. 

We're here to help

We take the hassle out of sharing and selling your learning resources. With our people powered marketplace we upload, manage and promote your resources. Meaning you can sit back and watch the money roll in.

Copyright protection

Unlike other learning resource marketplaces all of our uploads go through the doodle team. That means we can check for copyright issues and lookout for copycats who may have borrowed other peoples work.

More than just a download

We're experts in print too. From postcards to exercise books and posters we print it all. Earn even more commission when we sell your resource as a printed item.

Boost your brand

Sell your resources with the doodle marketplace and you will get your very own doodle store. Managed and designed by the doodle team. Its a great way of boosting your learning brand ; )

Professional design of your teaching resources and premium downloads all for one monthly subscription of £14.95 

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