Stay safe tips

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Tips to help students stay safe online:

  1. Keep personal information private: Do not share personal information such as full name, home address, phone number, school name, etc. online.

  2. Be careful what you click on: Avoid clicking on suspicious links, downloads, or pop-ups, as they may contain malware or phishing scams.

  3. Use strong and unique passwords: Use a different password for each online account and make sure they are strong and difficult to guess.

  4. Think before you post: Consider the content you are about to share and the potential consequences, especially if it could be hurtful to others or used against you.

  5. Be cautious of online friendships: Be careful about who you meet online and do not arrange to meet someone in person that you have only talked to online.

  6. Report abuse: If you or someone you know experiences cyberbullying, harassment, or any other form of online abuse, report it to a trusted adult or the website or service where it occurred.

  7. Keep software updated: Regularly update the software and apps you use to help keep your devices and information secure.

  8. Know your rights: Educate yourself on your rights regarding online privacy and safety, and know the resources available to you if you need help.

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